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"The most important leadership tool
is your Self."

- Otto Scharmer -
Live, learn and work to the fullest. That requires robust vulnerability: daring to open up and to act decisively at the same time. Even if the road ahead is unknown. Trusting what works well and courageously letting go of what no longer serves your purpose. Consciously connecting with yourself, others and the world around you. Being present with and resilient in every situation while reaching your goals with full attention.
As an awareness-builder, I will guide you on the path to your effective leadership. To have you flourish and be your most resilient self. In my book, settling for less is no option.

"We are all leaders in one way or another and when we choose to be responsible for what is happening in and around us, we are able to work together in a way that includes and utilizes the unique talents of everyone"

- Karen & Henry Kimsey-House -

Your leadership

"It takes two
to know one."

- Gregory Bateson -
I primarily focus on developing authentic leadership: honest, value - driven and effective. Leadership in the most flexible sense: personal leadership as well as leading others or with others. Not only in a hierarchical relationship as manager, teacher or parent, but also as colleague, partner or co-leader.

Just like humus is a nutrient in growing trees and plants, awareness is the foundation of human growth. Awareness is the soil on which effective inner and outer leadership can flourish. It’s up to you what you want to sow and reap. Together we will look at where pruning might be necessary and we will highlight what is already blossoming.
My coaching and training are focused on helping you explore your own strengths, deepen your awareness and mobilize yourself. And it is focused on what is needed to reach your (organizational) goals and to unleash your full authentic leadership potential.  

To do so, I fully exploit my core values: playful curiosity, attentive presence, robust vulnerability and result orientation, as well as my ability to constantly see things from different perspectives and (cultural) contexts.

Many of my clients are senior leaders or high potentials from all over the world, working in international profit or non-profit organizations. They have as much hunger to learn as I have and are willing to push for sustainable behavioural transformation. Of themselves and of those they lead. These customers describe me as empathic, open, sparkling, intuitive, bold and astute.

"Learn your theories well, but put them aside when you touch the miracle of a living person."

- Carl Jung -

Who am I.

In touch with nature
Broad horizon
In 2006 I changed my career from being an academic researcher and lecturer in the field of Arts and Social Sciences by starting my own training and coaching company so that I could actively contribute to leadership development and sustainable change at an individual, team and organizational level. I aim to heighten the learning capacity, the fun and the leadership development of individuals and organizations.
Apart from having a master’s degree in Arts and Social Sciences, I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CTI) and a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaches Federation. I am a Co-Active Leadership program graduate, certified in the Leadership Circle Profile and a Leadership Culture Survey practitioner. To continue my professional growth, I regularly participate in trainings courses and I receive coaching and supervision. It takes two to grow one…

Some of my long-term partnerships include:

Maastricht Graduate School of Governance (UM)

Coaching and training international leaders and policy makers who commit to the challenge of combining their professional career with a PhD study.


For zumflow Jessica Slijkhuis has been working together for PVH Branding Company since 2017.

In 2018 and 2019 Jessica Slijkhuis is facilitator

in the APG broad program 'The making of You', a personal development trajectory designed by & Samhoud Consultancy.


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